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Chitra Merchant grew up in India and currently works as a Printmaker in Bristol, U.K. After completing a B.A Degree in Psychology, she left India to work for a year in an artist's studio in West Africa. She came to England in the early nineties and completed a B.A (Hons) Degree in Illustration from U.W.E Bristol ('98)where she was first introduced to printmaking. In 2001 she based herself at Spike Print Studio where she prints, exhibits and works to commission on a regular basis.

Much of Chitra's work is strongly informed by her Indian upbringing. This is reflected in her use of colour as metaphor and landscape as allegory, and in her use of critical line to examine the roles and expectations that are ascribed to women.

Her landscapes use ancient Indian historical sites as a starting point from which to develop imaginal structures that take on a life and logic of their own.

Her love of drawing always forms the starting point of any work. These maybe made on site (whether at an ancient eastern ruin or an urban western city site)or painted directly onto a screen to form a stencil. They are then translated into the medium of screenprint with its limitless possibilities for layering colour, tone, line, text..

Part of her process involves turning all techniques on its head to see what treasure or disaster might be revealed! As a result , her prints are usually in a series, a variable edition or unique images.

She enjoys the sociable and unpretentious nature of working in a large shared print studio with its numerous tea and biscuit breaks (vital aides to the creative process!)

Her work has been described by Simon Tozer, a fellow artist, as ‘possessing a quiet intensity and saturation of colour.’

Chitra shows work on a regular basis with Spike Print Studio, Brook Gallery, Smithson Gallery and Fig (a small gallery in Bristol, collectively run by 5 artists and herself.) This year, two of her prints 'Bell Jar VI and Bell Jar X were shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Royal Academy of Arts , online 'Art Sales'
Brook Gallery, Devon, U.K
Smithson Gallery, Bristol, U.K
Spike Print Studio, Spike Island , Bristol, U.K
Fig Gallery, Bristol, U.K
Rostra Gallery, Bath

2014: Royal Academy Art, Painter / Printmakers show
2014: AAF Battersea, London
2014: 'Multiplied', Christies, London
2014: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
2013: AAF Battersea, London
2013: 'Multiplied', Christies, London
2013: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
2013: BV Open Studios, Bristol

2013: Prema , Performing Arts Space, Gloucester
2012: Winter Show, Rostra, Bath
2012: AAF, Battersea, London
2012: 'BITE' Artists Making Prints, Mall Galleries, London
2012: Bristol Affordable Art Fair
2012: May Open Studios, Spike Island, Bristol
2012: London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy, London
2012: Group Show; Victoria Art Gallery and Museum, Bath
2011: Affordable Art Fair , Battersea, London
2011: 'BITE' Artists Making Prints, Mall Galleries, London
2011: Small Print Big Impression, U.K
2011: Affordable Art Fair, Bristol, U.K
2011: May Open at SPS
2010: Group Show at the Create Centre , Bristol
2010: Invited Artist at SNAP Gallery Bristol
2010: R.A Summer Exhibition
2009: IMPACT '09
2009: RWA Open Print, Bristol, U.K
2009: Solo show at BIYC Bristol, U.K
2009: May Open at Spike Print Studio, Bristol, U.K
2009: IMPRESS, GPC, Stroud, U.K
2008: S, M,L,XL, Spike Print Studio, U.K
2008: Solo show at Room 212, Bristol, U.K
2008: Group Show at RUH, Bath, U.K
2007: BABE, Arnolfini, Bristol, U.K
2007: Spike Print, Spyglass, Bristol
2006: Spike Print, Paintworks, Bristol
2005: Solo show at Bristol Old Vic
2004: May Open, Spike Print , U.K
2003: Christmas Show at SPike Print Studio, U.K
May Open, Spike Print , U.K
2002: Christmas Show at SPike Print Studio, U.K
2000: Group Show at Centre Space Gallery, Bristol, U.K
1998: Degree Show at Angel Islington art Gallery, London

2005: PGCE, UWE, Bristol, U.K
1999: Post Extn Studies in Illustration, UWE, Bristol, U.K
1998: BA Hons Illustration, UWE, Bristol, U.K
1995: Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Leeds, U.K
1993: BA Psychology, Bangalore, India





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