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 These screenprints use ancient forests and Indian historical sites as a starting point from which to develop structures and landscapes that take on a life and logic of their own. A love of drawing always forms the starting point of any of my works. These may be painted or drawn on site or painted directly onto a screen to form a stencil. They are then translated into the medium of screenprint with its limitless possibilities for layering colour, tone, line, text. At its heart, these works embody deeply felt responses to colour.

'Firmament' Hand drawn screenprint in a variable edition of 16. size: 56 x 76cms

'Cinnamon & Gingko' Ltd ed screenprint of 70. SOLD OUT at RA Summer show '23

'Devakad Remembered' Ltd Ed screenprint, part of RA Editions.


Night VIII, Ltd Ed Screenprint. 28 by 38 cms


'Devakad' -(Sacred Grove) Ltd Ed Screenprint. 56 by 76cms Edition SOLD OUT through RA online.


'Vestige' - IV, Ltd Ed Screenprint , 112 by 76 cms

'Reverie' - 112 by 76 cms


'Vestige' - Ltd Ed Screenprint, 56 by 58 cms

'Migrations - Portrait of Sundari. 56 by 76 cms 

Migration1-Portrait of Sundari1(72dpi).j

Night IX - 28 by 38 cms


'Lumen' - 20 by 30 cms


'Vestige' - II 36 by 36 cms


'Garbagriha - III , Ltd Ed Screenprint, 56 by 76 cms

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